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Pain Management & Relief

Pain Management & Relief With A Wilmington Chiropractor

Chronic back, neck, head and leg pain can make it difficult to perform daily tasks, like going to the grocery, playing with the kids or grandkids and cooking. The common solution to chronic pain is often power prescription medications and/or anti-inflammatories, but they can have serious side-effects, including feeling drowsy and dazed, and they may even lead to dependency. Here at Lodes Chiropractic Center, our chiropractor can help you find Wilmington pain relief with natural treatments that may help reduce your reliance on powerful pain numbing medications.

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Common Causes of Chronic Pain Treated by Our Chiropractor in Wilmington

Chronic pain is often caused by pinched or compressed nerves, herniated discs and old injuries. Our chiropractor in Wilmington often examines individuals with chronic, severe headaches, sciatica and lower back pain that is caused by herniated discs, misalignments in the vertebrae and car accident injuries.

Treatment For Back Pain, Sciatica & More

If you have an auto accident injury, lower back pain, sciatica or chronic headaches that don’t seem to respond to conventional treatments, or you are looking for an alternative way to control your pain without addicting medications, our Wilmington chiropractor can help by thoroughly examining you to determine the causes of your pain. Once a diagnosis has been made, we will create a treatment program specifically for you.

Your treatment program may begin with a combination of massage therapy sessions and chiropractic adjustments, which can help provide you with noticeable pain relief. As you continue to recover, we may recommend laser therapy, which increases your body’s rate of recovery on a cellular level. To further accelerate your healing and to help you make a long-term recovery, we may recommend corrective exercises and stretches so that you can improve your muscle strength, endurance and flexibility.

To schedule an evaluation for your chronic pain, call us today! We are currently offering free consultations for all new patients.

How has receiving treatment with our Wilmington chiropractor helped lower your pain?

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  • "I worked for and received treatment from Dr. Lodes and let me tell you, the whole staff truly cares about everyone that walks through that door. I miss working there and I still can't find a chiropractor as good as Dr. Lodes and Dr. Wharton. I recommend them 100%."
    - Stacy J.
  • "I've been going to Dr. Lodes for over 20 years. He knows exactly what needs adjusting and his adjustments last. I've recommended him to several friends who are nurses and they live him too. The staff is so friendly and helpful and most of the time they can get me in the same day I call. He suggests exercises that help my issues and are simple I love this place!!!"
    -Mair D.
  • "I've been to a few different chiropractors in the area and once I found Lodes Chiropractic, I haven't been anywhere else. I have been a patient for about 10 years now, and I cannot say enough great things about the practice. Both doctors are extremely thorough, knowledgeable and always striving to help you feel your best. Everyone in the office is kind, caring and helpful. I also went to both doctors throughout my pregnancy which helped ease any pain I was having tremendously. I highly recommend this practice!"
    Suzy M.