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Posted on 02-23-2017

Common Causes of Neck Pain in Wilmington

When you notice neck pain, working with a chiropractor in Wilmington may provide the tools you need to start healing and addressing the discomfort. Since the cause of your pain may stem from a variety of situations, a professional at the Lodes Chiropractic Center evaluates your situation and provides the treatment you need for neck pain relief.

What Can Cause A Stiff Neck?

Our chiropractor in Wilmington may point out that the causes of stiff neck depend on your situation and the factors contributing to your pain. Generally, a stiff neck occurs when you put a strain on your neck and it causes sore muscles that stiffen up over time. A sore neck may also relate to your position when you sleep at night, looking down for several hours in a day or gritting your teeth while you sleep.

Neck Pain Caused By Whiplash

Whiplash is a common cause of neck pain that stems from one specific situation. Your head moves suddenly forward and backward due to the loss of momentum. It is a common injury in a car accident or similar accidents, but it can occur when you play sports or when you are involved in any activity that suddenly stops your momentum and causes your head to snap back and forth. A chiropractor offers neck pain relief when you have injuries resulting in whiplash.

Common Causes of Disc Herniation

Disc herniation, or a bulging disc in your neck, is another common cause of neck pain. It may occur in an accident, as a direct result of certain ailments or due to certain activities. It usually means that the disc between the vertebrae of your neck bulges out and causes pressure on the nerves. That results in pain or discomfort; however, decompression therapy helps address your sore neck and encourages natural healing.

Call Our Chiropractor in Wilmington Today!

Neck pain stems from a variety of causes, but you can treat the discomfort with natural chiropractic care. To learn more about our treatment options for neck pain or to set up an appointment to see a chiropractor in Wilmington about pain relief, call 302-477-1565 today.

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