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Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment With A Chiropractor in Wilmington

Back pain can reduce your quality of life and make everyday tasks painful. Whether you've been injured in an accident or have been diagnosed with a chronic condition, back pain can make living your normal life less pleasant. At Lodes Chiropractic Center in Wilmington, we help patients understand the cause of their back pain. With all natural techniques and chiropractic care, we help patients manage their symptoms and live more fulfilling lives.

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Chiropractic Treatment for Back Pain

As your chiropractor in Wilmington, we provide the following natural methods of pain relief:

  • Spinal adjustment. Spinal adjustment is a natural method of realigning the vertebrae of the spine and restoring balance to the body. Spinal adjustment helps relieve patient pain by restoring normal function to the back.
  • Ideal protein. Ideal Protein is a weight loss program that helps patients lose weight through controlled diet. The Ideal Protein program helps our patients conserve their lean muscle mass while losing the body fat. Weight loss through the Ideal Protein program can help patients maintain an ideal weight, which can reduce pressure on the muscles in the back.
  • Stretches and exercises. We teach our patients how to manage and reduce their pain by performing therapeutic stretches and exercises. Stretches and exercises can also help strengthen the muscles so patients can avoid injury in the future.
  • Lifestyle advice. Our lifestyle advice teaches patients how to avoid back pain by making small changes to their behaviors and everyday activities.

Causes of Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain, including:

  • Spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is a condition that occurs because of the narrowing of the channel in the vertebrae that contains the spinal cord. Spinal stenosis is a degenerative disease that frequently occurs in seniors. Spinal stenosis can cause chronic pain for the patient. Patients with spinal stenosis are given spinal adjustments and lifestyle advice to manage their pain.
  • Personal injury. Accidents like falls and trips can cause back injury like spinal fracture. At Lodes Chiropractic Center, we treat spinal fracture with spinal adjustment, and lifestyle advice.
  • Car accident injury. Car accident injuries frequently result in a condition called whiplash, which can cause back, neck and shoulder pain. At Lodes Chiropractic Center, we treat car accident injuries with spinal adjustment as well as stretches and exercise.

Contact Your Wilmington Chiropractor

As your chiropractor in Wilmington, we're happy to provide you natural with back pain relief. We treat patients suffering from herniated disc, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, upper back pain and more! To make an appointment and get started on you back pain relief, contact us today. Our doctors are ready to help you reduce back pain and improve your quality of life.

If you live with persistent back pain, you’re not alone — ongoing back pain affects some 31 million adults in the United States at any given time. Chronic lower back pain, in particular, is a top complaint and the number-one cause of disability worldwide. Michael R. Lodes, DC, and the experienced team at Lodes Chiropractic Center have helped countless men and women find natural, long-term relief from unrelenting back pain. Call their Wilmington, Delaware, office or schedule an appointment online today.

Back Pain Q & A

What causes back pain? 

Your spine is an incredibly complex structure made up of bones, joints, discs, and nerves that are held together and supported by a system of ligaments and surrounding muscles. Even one small problem within this intricate structure can make simple movements uncomfortable or painful.

Common causes of chronic back pain include:

Degenerative conditions

Osteoarthritis is an age-related wear-and-tear condition that causes the cartilage between your spinal joints to break down. It often leads to reduced spinal mobility and lower back pain. 

Spinal disc problems

Spinal discs, or the rubbery cushions that sit between each vertebra of your backbone, can bulge or rupture (herniate), irritating nearby nerves and causing ongoing back pain.

Muscle, nerve, or tendon injuries

Heavy lifting and sudden movements can cause microscopic tears in the muscles and ligaments in your back, leading to chronic pain and inflammation. Left untreated, this type of damage can result in continuous back pain that gradually worsens.

Poor posture

Sitting or standing for long periods of time can cause chronic back pain, particularly if you have poor posture or a misaligned spine.

Can other factors contribute to back pain?

Although back pain becomes increasingly common with age, it affects people of all ages. A wide range of lifestyle factors can increase your risk of developing chronic back pain, including:

  • Sitting too much or not getting enough exercise
  • Carrying too much weight through your midsection
  • Working at a job that requires heavy lifting
  • Playing contact sports or engaging in high-impact workouts
  • Living with high levels of mental or emotional stress

Smoking cigarettes can also contribute to the development of chronic back pain or make it worse because smoking reduces the flow of nutrients and oxygen to your spinal discs.

How can I find lasting back pain relief?

After our chiropractors perform a comprehensive investigation to determine the underlying cause of your pain condition, they can develop an individualized treatment plan that combines natural and effective chiropractic care with other proactive techniques.

Gentle, targeted chiropractic adjustments have been proven to enhance spinal joint motion, improve posture, reduce pain, and advance physical therapy efforts. If your pain is muscle-related, can help work out the kinks, release tension, increase flexibility, and diminish pain.

Spinal decompression therapy is another effective treatment option; it gently lengthens a compressed spine to create much-needed space and alleviate nerve pressure. Physical therapy exercises that strengthen your back and correct alignment irregularities are also a highly effective way to treat back pain and prevent its recurrence.

If you’re ready to say good-bye to back pain for good, call Lodes Chiropractic Center or use the easy online tool to schedule an appointment today.


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