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Neck Pain

Wilmington Chiropractor Discusses Whiplash and Neck Pain

Our Wilmington chiropractor sees many patients with neck pain related to whiplash and other conditions. Fortunately, our chiropractor in Wilmington provides neck pain relief and auto accident injury treatment for pain associated with whiplash and other trauma.

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Whiplash is a neck injury that results from forceful, back-and-forth whipping movement of the head. The injury is most common in rear impact crashes, and usually affects a person riding in the front car and is hit from behind.

Symptoms of whiplash typically develop within the first 24 hours after the collision. The most common symptoms associated with whiplash are neck pain and stiffness that worsens with neck movement, loss of range of motion in the neck, headaches, and pain or tenderness in the upper back, shoulders, and arms.

Whiplash is a complicated condition that may lead to other problems, such as joint dysfunction where joints of your spine or limbs lose resilience and shock absorption in a way that restricts your movement and causes further pain. The jolt of the car accident may cause other problems, such as misalignment of the vertebral bones that make up your spine.

A whiplash accident may injure the discs cushioning the bones of the spine, causing tears in the rubbery shell of the discs and leakage of the gooey substance at the disc’s inner core. This substance irritates any nerves it contacts, potentially causing sharp and shooting pains down your arms or numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness in your upper extremities.

Chiropractor in Wilmington Provides Neck Pain Relief from Whiplash

If you have been in a car accident and are not seriously wounded enough for admission to a hospital, you should still see our Wilmington chiropractor immediately. Symptoms of whiplash may not develop until after serious damage has occurred, so early evaluation is important to a speedy recovery. Our chiropractor in Wilmington provides safe, effective neck pain relief from whiplash and other soft tissue injury associated with a car accident.

Care for whiplash and neck pain starts with a comprehensive evaluation to assess the extent of your injuries and potential for complications, such as a pinched nerve, ruptured disc, or displaced vertebra. We may recommend rest along with ice to reduce swelling and pain. Our chiropractic treatment for whiplash includes chiropractic adjustments to correct joints and discs pushed out of alignment during the trauma of the accident. Massage and low-level laser therapy soothe soft tissues and improve healing time. Our chiropractor also teaches patients like you how to perform stretches and exercises that help you rehabilitate and regain full function.

If you have neck pain from whiplash or another cause, make an appointment with our Wilmington chiropractor. Lodes Chiropractic Center is conveniently located at 3411 Silverside Rd. #102 in Wilmington, DE. We offer a free consultation for new patients. Make your appointment today by calling 302-477-1565!

Whether it’s brought on by poor posture, osteoarthritis, chronic stress, or a whiplash injury, neck pain is one of the most common physical complaints. Although many people choose to mask persistent neck pain with over-the-counter pain relievers, the problem often gets worse over time. Luckily, you don’t have to live with chronic neck pain — Michael R. Lodes, DC, and the team of experts at Lodes Chiropractic Center can help you relieve ongoing or sporadic neck pain safely, effectively, and naturally. Call us at 302-477-1565 or book an appointment online today.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

The seven small bones, connecting joints, spinal discs, surrounding connective tissues, and supporting muscles that make up your cervical spine allow you to hold up your head and move it with ease. Although your neck is strong and flexible, it’s also susceptible to a variety of injuries and conditions that can limit your range of motion and cause stiffness and discomfort.

Common causes of neck pain include:


Osteoarthritis is an age-related wear-and-tear condition that causes the cartilage between the bones in your neck to break down. Over time, this can lead to the development of painful bone spurs.

Poor posture or alignment

Muscle strain is a major cause of neck pain, and it often comes from spending too much time hunched over a smartphone screen. Ongoing neck pain can also come from a misalignment in your lumbar spine that causes your cervical spine to compensate and shift off-center.

Nerve compression

Cervical stenosis, an age-related condition that occurs when the spaces within your spinal canal become narrower, can cause nerve-related neck pain; a herniated disc, bone spur, or anything else that irritates the nerves in your cervical spine can cause the same kind of pain.


This common neck injury happens when a forceful movement causes your head to rebound, compressing your cervical spine and injuring your soft tissues. This serious injury can cause long-lasting neck pain, stiffness, and restricted mobility.

Why should I investigate chronic neck pain?

Minor neck problems may cause comfort, stiffness, or soreness, but these symptoms usually subside in a relatively short amount of time. Moderate, severe, or progressive neck problems, on the other hand, usually cause ongoing pain that worsens as time goes on.

Left untreated, chronic neck pain often leads to uncomfortable muscle spasms, headaches, and a reduced range of motion. If you’ve been experiencing neck pain for a few weeks or longer, don’t wait for your symptoms to worsen or multiply — make an appointment with Dr. Lodes as soon as possible.

How is neck pain treated?

Chiropractic care works on many levels to provide instant and long-term neck pain relief: It reduces inflammation, initiates soft tissue repair, and restores optimal alignment. It also helps your muscles re-establish normal firing patterns by easing the muscle guarding patterns caused by chronic pain.

Dr. Lodes takes a comprehensive, whole-person approach to neck pain, which means he evaluates the extent of your condition, checks for any underlying trauma, and develops a customized treatment plan to ensure you receive efficient and effective care. Your plan may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Low-level laser therapy
  • Spinal decompression
  • Physical therapy exercises

To find out how chiropractic care can help your neck pain, call Lodes Chiropractic Center at 302-477-1565 or schedule an appointment online today.


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