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Sports Injuries

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Sports Injuries

Playing sports is good for people's physical as well as their mental health, however, athletes put their bodies through a lot. Pressure that is put on their muscles and joints, can throw off the body's natural alignment, and make bones more vulnerable to injury as well, While many try to get their sports injuries to work themselves out, or even go to their doctor asking for a prescription when injuries become painful, there is another choice that is often preferred, seeing a chiropractor in Wilmington.

Runner with ankle injury in Wilmington, DE

Chiropractic Care Treatments for Athletes

Chiropractic care for athletes is a wise choice because the philosophy behind chiropractic care is to work with the body in order to take advantage of its natural ability to heal itself. At Lodes Chiropractic Center in Wilmington, Delaware we have a variety of methods that we use to identify specific types of sports injuries, and prescribe the right treatment that will get athletes back to their regular routine and in the game as soon as possible.

In caring for athletes, Lodes Chiropractic Center looks at three different aspects of treatment for our athlete patients;

  • Healing Injuries
  • Injury Prevention
  • Enhanced Performance

Since it is more common for someone to seek out chiropractic care after an injury has occurred, healing injuries is an important component. It is important that those who experience injuries such as strains, sprains, tendonitis, or stress fractures (hairline fractures in the bones) come in for assessment and treatment as soon as possible. Whether an injury is in the knees, elbows, arms, legs, or back, successful chiropractic treatment can help athletes lessen or eliminate the need for options such as medications, which can be harmful in the long run, or surgery, which can leave you sidelined for an extended period of time.

Treatment varies for each patient depending on their injury, their commitment to healing, and the strength of their muscle, bone, or ligament. At Lodes Chiropractic, we;ll help you find the right healing pace to get you back in the game and prevent further injury.

In order to prevent athletes from experiencing injuries, we work with athletes of all levels to develop their strength and flexibility so that their joints and muscles will be able to handle whatever sport situation may come their way. In many cases, preventing injury and enhancing performance go hand in hand, as athletes become stronger and improve their overall range of motion in order to reach their athletic goals.

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No matter what level of an athlete you consider yourself to be, whether amateur or professional caliber, we at Lodes Chiropractic Center can discuss your playing goals and help you take the right precautions for preventing injuries and performing your best at each practice or competition. To have an injury treated, or to learn healthy strategies to enhance your performance and prevent injury contact us at 302-477-1565 and schedule a consultation.


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