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Whiplash Treatment in Wilmington

Whiplash is one of the first injuries that comes to mind when you think about an auto accident, and rightly so. While this injury can occur in sports injuries, workplace injuries and other personal injury situations, it is especially likely if your car comes to a sudden stop. Whiplash can create a wide range of debilitating symptoms above and beyond neck pain, so you need whiplash treatment in Wilmington that can address the underlying causes -- and you can get it at Lodes Chiropractic Center from your trusted chiropractor in Wilmington, Dr. Lodes or Dr. Wharton.

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Whiplash: More Than Just Neck Pain

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to screech to a halt from high speeds to sustain a whiplash injury. Even a low-speed impact can transfer enough force to the boy to throw it violently around. Your trunk may be strapped securely into place, but your head is still free to fly forward and backward. An auto collision can cause this motion to occur so sharply that it resembles the lash of a whip, causing both hyperextension and hyperflexion of the neck.

As you might assume, this kind of exaggerated neck motion can strain the muscles and connective tissues of the neck to cause severe neck pain and stiffness -- but some of that pain and stiffness may also be the result of damage to the cervical spine. Dislocated spinal joints may not be able to move properly, while herniated cervical discs can also be extremely painful. A herniated disc can even push against the cervical nerve roots to produce neurological symptoms. Your total list of symptoms may include:

  • Neck pain and immobility
  • Pain and other symptoms in the shoulders, arms or hands
  • Jaw pain
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Depression
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Vision trouble
  • Sleep, memory or cognition problems

Your Wilmington Chiropractor Can Whip Your Whiplash

Whiplash symptoms are likely to stay with you until you get the underlying injuries and alignment problems corrected. Your Wilmington chiropractor at Lodes Chiropractic Center can achieve this through safe, conservative, non-invasive methods. First we must examine your cervical spine in detail to see whether any vertebrae or vertebral discs are out of alignment. We will also ask you about your symptoms and check for other possible auto accident injuries. Your chiropractor in Wilmington can then prescribe the right combination of treatments for your specific condition. Examples include:

  • Chiropractic adjustment to correct joint alignment, treat disc problems and relieve neurological symptoms
  • Massage therapy to relieve pain and inflammation while relaxing muscle spasms
  • Low level laser therapy to speed up the cellular repair process and relieve pain without drugs
  • Stretches and exercises to rebuild damaged tissues and help them regain full flexibility

Need Car Accident Injury Treatment in Wilmington?

Don't suffer from the neck pain and other outcomes of whiplash. Call 302-477-1565 to schedule the car accident injury treatment in Wilmington your neck so urgently needs!


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