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Here at Lodes Chiropractic Center, we offer a wide variety of all natural supplements to help you in your daily activities. We have supplements that range from helping you sleep, to boosting your immune system, and easing muscle tension. 


    TDC also known as Tetradecanol Complex is a blend of Esterified Fatty Acid complex oils that provide fast and long lasting healing comfort. Pain relief from backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, and sprains are just some of the many benefits of using TDC. We carry two sizes of TDC cream in our office (2oz. & 4oz.) as well as the TDC capsules. 

Sleep and Adrenal Support 

    Physicians standard Sleep and Adrenal Support helps patients sleep comfortably without the next day drowsiness and addictive side effects of sleeping pills. This sleep support contains 7 ingredients to help you sleep including: Melatonin, 5-HTP, L-Theanine, DHEA, Pregnenolone, Adrenal Cortex and Tyrosine. Falling asleep and staying asleep, regulating sleep cycles, reducing muscle tension, and improving relaxation are some of the many benefits of using this sleep support. 

Greens First 

    Greens first is a nutrient rich super food! Balancing, supporting, and nourishing your whole body with the              vitamins you need to stay healthy.  Greens first is an all-natural, health building product that supplies you with more than 15+ servings of organic fruits and vegetables as well as 49 different super foods. It comes in two different flavors berry and greens both offering the same amazing benefits of balancing pH levels, reducing inflammation, building strong bones, and increase energy levels without stimulants. 

Chiropractors Blend Protein Powder 

    Unlike regular protein powder Chiropractors Blend Protein Powder contains whey protein to support immune health and NitroZyme to release more amino acids directly into the muscles to increase muscle size, strength, and lean body mass. Containing zero added sugars and the highest biological value protein this low carb protein powder comes in chocolate and vanilla to suit any palate. 

Nasal Clear  

    Physicians Standard Nasal Clear includes immune-supporting ingredients that aid sinus, throat, and respiratory support. These ingredients work together to help: promote easier breathing, support normal mucus production & healthy sinus function, as well as promoting respiratory health and cellular health. 

Chiro Flow Pillow 

    Chiroflow Pillows are the best pillows on the market and only offered at your local chiropractor! Clinically proven to relieve neck pain these pillows are ranked the best of all pillows tested in a clinical study at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. The water base of the pillow responds to head movement, providing proper cervical support all night long even as you change sleeping positions. As a new source of wellness, improved quality of sleep will reduce signs of aging, improve coping skills and sharpen reaction time. Fully adjustable to any preference Chiro flow pillows come in a generous jumbo size and come with a 3 year warranty! 

Other Supplements we offer include: 

                           ALPHA SOL FLEX                                               MEDIX                                         B12

                            BRAIN POWER                                         BROMELAIN PLUS                         CAL MG

                               CAL-6-MG                                                  CALENDULA                           CARDIO-PLUS

                         CHONDROSAMINE                                          CITRUS Q                                      CNSN

                                    CNT                                                         CO Q ZYME                                  COGNI Q

                       COLD CALM (BOIRON)                           COLD PACK - LOW BACK              COLD PACK - NECK

                          COLD PACK - GEL                                          COLD SORES                                 COLIC

                        COMPLETE NEURO                                         ANTRONEX                              ARNICA GEL

                             ARNICA KIT                                            ARNICA TABLETS                          ARNICARE

                            B COMPLEX                                    CORE LEVEL HEALTH RESERVE         CURCUMIN

                                    D3                                                          BETA TCP                                  BETAINE PLUS

                               BIFILON                                           BIOFREEZE 3OZ ROLL ON              BIOPHENOLICS

                       BIO REST/JET LAG                                           BIOTERRAIN                        BLD MEDIX (BLOOD)

                  BLDR MEDIX (BLADDER)                                 FOAM ROLLER                                   ENDO

                         EXERCISE BALL                                            FORMULA 303                            ALLERGY 1

                              HP AXIS                                                       IMN MEDIX                             GASTRO FIBER

                            GB MEDIX                                                   GLUTATHIONE                                  GOUT

                           JOINT SRF                                                         KDN                                          Kidney RX

                          LED Therapy                                                   LGI Medx                                L-Glutamine Plus

                             Lift RX                                                         Liver DTox                                        Lyocell

                          Lymph Plus                                                       Magnet                                     Healthy skin

                         Hemorrhoid                                                   Menopause                                      Metosol

                           Mitoviva                                                         Omega 3                                       ONC Medx

                     Oscillococcinum                                               Para Clear                                       Rehydrate

                         Rock Tape                                                    Sleep support                                Pro Echinacea

                          Prostrate                                                     Pure Endurance                                     R&R

                           THYR                                                                MEDIX                                        Total immune 

                         Stress EX                                                    Teeth and Gum                                     Unwind

                      VBF Defense                                                Vitality Formula                                        VRX

                   Wounds Recovery                                              Z Lozenge                                         Theraband


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