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COVID-19 Info

12 Point Safety Protocol:  Lodes Chiropractic Center Covid-19 Policy

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has affected almost every part of our daily lives. Many are concerned — and rightfully so — about whether it’s safe to enter another building or even leave their homes. That’s why we instituted a 12 step safety protocol to make your visit to our office as safe as it can possibly be.

All of these steps require more time and expense, so at times it may take a little longer getting you into a sanitized treatment room. We appreciate your patience as we take these precautions.

***Our office is following and exceeding the health care clinic guidelines set by the CDC and Delaware Health and Social Services Departments.

Here’s a breakdown of the process we use, from the moment you enter the office to when you leave:

1. Masks are required — no exceptions! We also enforce correct mask-wearing procedures throughout the entire office, including the treatment rooms (pulled taught and fully covering both the mouth and nose). Thank you for understanding.

2. All of our staff members are required to get tested for COVID-19 every 2 weeks and present negative results in order to come into work.

3. Hand sanitizer is located at the front desk, and everyone is asked to use it when they enter the office.

4. The front door of the office is left open so you do not have to use the handle to open it.

5. Temperatures are taken at the front door (we ask that patients wait briefly at the front desk if a staff member is not immediately available to do this). Staff temperature checks are also performed daily, a Delaware Health Clinic requirement.

6. Patients are asked to put pens in a dedicated “Used” container after use, to be sanitized by the office staff.

7. Each treatment table is diligently wiped down with the highest grade sanitizer available after every use, keeping all hand and face areas as clean as possible; an extra piece of face paper is also used for added protection.

8. All direct-contact treatment equipment is either wiped down between uses or disposed of as appropriate; a thorough office cleaning is performed at the end of every shift.

9. We ask that all patients inform us if they have had contact with anyone who tested positive for COVID-19, and require either a negative test or a 14-day quarantine before they return to the office.

10. We limit the number of patients allowed on the schedule at any one time to reduce traffic in the office and adhere to our seating guidelines (shown in Step #11).

11. For social distancing we have  spacing requirements in the office and arrange seating accordingly — in the event there is inadequate seating due to emergencies or early/late arrivals, we make reasonable accommodations in non-treatment areas of the office to keep our spacing policy in effect. We need to “keep things moving” and thank you for keeping your questions to a minimum during the pandemic.  If you require more time we always wish to accommodate you; the doctor can call you at the end of patient hours to address any concerns, just let us know!

12. If paying with a credit card, patients must insert it into the card reader themselves — to limit contact, the staff will not directly touch the card, and will sign your receipt with your permission.

Thank you for helping us keep the office a safe environment for all patients — and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 302-477-1565.


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